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Hair: Brown   Height: 5'5"
Eyes: Blue     Weight: 220 lbs
Voice: Baritone


Golf-The Musical Various Characters Houseman Theater, NY
Tallulah Hallelujah! with Tovah Feldshuh Various Characters Fairbanks Theater, Dir. Bill Wesbrooks


Man of La Mancha with John Davidson Sancho Surflight Theater, NJ (Numerous Prod.)
1776 Roger Sherman Gateway Playhouse, Dir. Bob Durkin
Vanity Fair Joseph Sedley Ariel Rep. Theater NY, Dir. Tom West
Guys & Dolls Harry the Horse u/s Nicely Maryland Arts Fest. (Numerous Prod.)
A Funny Thing... Forum Hysterium u/s Pseudolus Maryland Arts Fest.
The Odd Couple Murray the Cop Spotlighters, MD
Mim Joachim Producers Club, NY Dir. Bob Luke
Fiddler On The Roof Mendel Maryland Arts Fest.
Chicago City Limits Performer Chicago City Limits, NY
The Ledge Tom Logmeyer Impact Theater, NY
The Unexpected Guest Jan Warwick Spotlighters, MD


The Unusuals Post Office Driver (Day Player) ABC Television, Dir. Matt Earl Beesley
The Sopranos Blackjack Dealer (Recurring) Various Directors
Alice Cabby (Featured) Dir. Woody Allen
Cry Baby Warden (Day Player) Dir. John Waters
Her Alibi Clown #7 (Day Player) Dir. Bruce Beresford
Hangin' With The Homeboys Muggy (Day Player) Dir. Joel Vasquez


Conflicts on request (National On-Camera Principals)


Acting: Commercial & Legit: Bob Luke, NY (Private)
  Commercial: Barry Shapiro, NY
  Scene Study: Peter Thompson / Michael Howard Studios
    William Hickey, Joan Mathiessen / HB Studios
  Improvisation: Chicago City Limits Level I & II, Meg Sweeney-Lawless
Voice: Technique Rob LaRocco
  Coach Sheila Ray, Michael Roberts
Voiceover:   Elizabeth Bunnell / Shut Up and Talk Studios, NY


Wide Vocal Range Puppetry, Magic, Clown, Mime, Disc Jockey, Chef, Card Dealer, Bowling 120 avg., Softball, Licensed Driver (auto. only), Various Dialects, Pizza Cook (fly included), New York Licensed Tour Guide.